Friday Favorites

Guys! I can’t tell you how excited I am about bringing my blog back to life. It’s so… liberating! I feel like I exist again. I’m taking this opportunity to share all of my favorite things from this week.

Friday Favorites


Geronimo by Sheppard

King Of My Heart by Love & The Outcome

A Strange Way To Save The World by 4Him (I know… I said I was going to give Thanksgiving a chance and hold off on the Christmas music, but this song randomly came on and I could not resist listening to it all week long!)

Blog Posts

I was totally loving this post by Rekita Nicole on How To Promote Your Business on Social Media. Working from home again, this is something I have to do more of and it was nice to get a refresher on the best ways to do it.

Bev of Linkouture shared this awesome post with 8 Tips to Manage Your Time Better… man, I needed that post!

My sister (who is a HUGE Starbucks lover) has a birthday coming up and when Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations shared this Starbucks themed Birthday Brunch she threw that was super affordable, I was so inspired.

Twitter Peeps

Through this week’s mentoring event with The SITS Girls, I discovered @xtinedanielle. She rocks!

Want to meet a blogger who loves supporting other bloggers? Check out @Mrs_AOK!

@jaimemckee had me saying “I puffy heart…” all week long, so I had to show her some love!

Other Random Favorite Things This Week

Bagels with peanut butter.

This super cute “Pedi in a Jar” Christmas gift idea.

Just Dance 2015! The cold is here and I don’t want to go out for walks so I get my workout on by dancing around in the living room.

What were your favorite things this week?

Thankful Thoughts

At the beginning of the month I told myself I would write down one thing I was thankful for every day until Thanksgiving… Go ahead, ask me. Ask me if I’ve kept up with that. The answer is no. I got through maybe five days and stopped. It just wasn’t happening. It’s not that I wasn’t thankful, it’s just that when I sat down and forced myself to write one thing, a million things popped into my head.

Tonight, my heart is full of thanksgiving and I want to share some of those thankful thoughts with you.

1.) I am thankful for my best friend. That girl seriously knows me better than I even know myself.

2.) I am thankful for the job interview I have tomorrow.

3.) I am thankful for my brother’s football coaches who are amazing male role models for him. They took a hard playoff game loss last night and each of his coaches reminded him to keep his head held high.


4.) I am thankful for my siblings who add smiles and laughter to every one of my days.

5.) I am thankful for space heaters that save the day when the heater isn’t turned on yet.

6.) I am thankful for She Reads Truth. I love pulling out my favorite candles, saying a prayer, opening my bible, enjoying devotionals that I can relate to, and spending time with God.

She Reads Truth

7.) I am thankful for days where I feel good enough to blast my music on high and dance around the house (while cleaning and getting my chores done, score!).

8.) I am thankful for the opportunities I have that allow me to flourish.

9.) I am thankful for the ability to write (or in this case type) out my bottled up feelings and emotions.

10.) I am thankful for YOU!

[Tweet “”It is not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy.””]

What are you thankful for?

Things I Heart: Home Offices

What happens to your home office when you go back to working away from home? It gets destroyed! That’s what happens. I went back to work in June and right now my office is a complete and total mess. There’s boxes everywhere, paper piles all over my desk, and office supplies at every corner. Guys! There’s 3 TVs in here. Three!

My home office right now is a nightmare and because it’s such a mess it’s hard to be productive. Every time I get to almost finishing something I stop because I can’t find what I need in here to accomplish the task.

I was scouring Pinterest for home office inspiration so that I can spend this weekend getting my office back to being functional and I wanted to share my favorite dream home offices with you.

Dream Home Offices

dream home office - turquoise and white

I love the simplicity of this home office! The chair works so well with the minty blue color of the wall. But the thing that grabs my attention the most is that swoon-worthy desk! I mean look at it, it’s so perfect. I love the shape, the color, the functionality. I want it! I also adore the lamp. Continue Reading →

I Miss My Favorite Veteran

The holiday season is always very bittersweet now that my grandfather no longer lives with us. I grew up with him always being around and the last 3 years without him have been rough. Extremely rough.

My grandfather is the only “dad” I truly know. When my father left our family, my grandpa did the noble thing and was a father figure for us. He provided, cared, and most importantly loved us. Very, very much.

Today is Veteran’s Day.

Unfortunately, my mom had to work so it was just me and the kids home all day.

We were sitting around the table for a late lunch (that they all helped me make, bless their hearts) and we started talking about how much we missed him. We rekindled with our favorite memories of him. At one point it felt like my heart was breaking because it was a reminder that he’s not here at home with us, he’s thousands of miles away and I have a great fear that I’ll never get the chance to see him again.


I remember all the times he would spend his entire Saturday at the football fields supporting his grandchildren.

I remember being home sick while he was here and watching The Price Is Right & The Waltons with him.

I remember all the times he would drive me to work my last two year’s of high school and how he would always remind me of how proud of me he was.

I remember making peanut butter and pickle crackers for him (no matter how gross I thought it was).

I remember all the times he would ask me who I was twixting (texting).

I remember how much he loved his old little blue truck and how he taught me to drive in it.

I remember his laugh. His smile. His voice.

I remember how much love he always had for his family.

I remember so much about my dear grandfather.

But today, I especially remember when we would spend Veteran’s Day with him and he would share all his old war stories with so much pride and honor. Today, my heart aches because I miss my favorite Veteran.

Did you have a special Veteran on your mind today?

Twenty-Two Things

Getting back into the blogging groove has been a little hard… but so much fun! And I feel like I’ve been connecting with lots of new bloggers as well as reconnecting with some of my favorite bloggers. So here’s a list twenty-two random things about me.

1.) I’m 22. And that’s why I’m sharing twenty-two things today.

2.) I’m kind of obsessed with all things Erin Condren. Okay, a lot obsessed.

simple things

3.) I don’t drink coffee or tea. All those Starbucks cups you see me posting are filled with hot chocolate.

4.) The movie What Lies Beneath caused me to have an irrational fear of standing water.

5.) I’m also extremely afraid of the dark and thunderstorms.

6.) When I was learning to drive, my grandfather had taught me to use two feet. Now I only use one.

7.) When I was in kindergarten, I kicked out a classmate’s front teeth after he tried to take my Barbie doll.

8.) I have this thing where all my iPhone apps have to be on one screen, organized in folders.

iPhone Home Screen

9.) Sometimes I brush my teeth in the shower.

10.) My favorite movie is Love & Basketball.

11.) My favorite country artists are Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, and Martina McBride.

12.) My childhood dream was to become a teacher.

13.) My bedroom walls are a nice purple, but I have yet to paint to ceiling which is still a nice bright pink.

14.) I have long, brown hair that reaches the bottom of my back and I love it!

15.) I will only take selfies when my hair is straight.


16.) I only change my profile picture about once a year.

17.) My mom has beautiful red hair and I’ve always been just a little upset that I didn’t get those genes.

18.) I made a promise to myself when my grandma passed away from lung cancer that I would never smoke.

19.) I get distracted easily.

20.) Growing up I would read the Little House on a Prairie series over and over again.

21.) I love watching The Waltons.

22.) I took me over four hours to finish this post. (Refer to #19… ha!)

Now that you know more about me, tell me something about yourself.

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