There is No Wrong Time to Start Financial Planning

Being a working millennial definitely has it’s perks, but I’ve come to know the financial struggles that come with it as well. Simply put, I wasn’t financially prepared for the health struggles that hit me at times that seemed the most difficult to get through.

The 2014 Aflac WorkForces Report found that only 15 percent of millennial workers agree that managing health care expenses is an important part of their financial plan, and 19 percent say they don’t consider health care expenses a part of a financial plan at all.

I once fit into that 19%.

Until I was “One Emergency Away From Financial Disaster” and then that financial disaster rocked my life.

It’s never to late to start financially planning for the future. What once was a fun paycheck for me where I could splurge on all my wants and desires turned into my last resort to cover expenses and bills for my needs. I also have learned the hard way that financial planning, especially for health related emergencies, is important. Extremely important! And there is NO wrong time to start.

Time for Financial Planning

Don’t wait until you’re at the ER because of your health.

Don’t wait until you have to find a way to afford the medication prescribed to you to feel better.

Don’t wait until the medical and hospital bills pile up on your desk.

Don’t wait until you’re ready to pull your hair out because you simply don’t know what to do anymore.

Don’t wait. Start now!

Did you know that 35% of millennials have less than $500 available to pay for out-of-pocket expenses associated with an unexpected serious illness or accident? That’s another statistic I’ve fit into.

Financial Planning

Through learning from my experiences and mistakes, I have started to truly focus on a financial plan for my future so that worrying as much as I do now can be a thing of the past. Here are three simple tips I follow to help me get through it all without losing my mind.

1.) Make a budget and stick to it!

Take a step back and examine your life. Figure out what things are the most important to you and break it down into a list of your wants and needs. Budget to fit all of your needs and then take a look at your wants. If you’re budget doesn’t allow for you to enjoy all of your wants, take a deep breath and cross them off. Remember a budget isn’t set in stone and if things become financially better for you, you can reevaluate. The most important thing is that you follow your budget and find a system that works best for you.

2.) Pull out the piggy bank and start saving!

Saving money has always been a bit of a problem for me. It’s just not something that I considered important as I entered my adult years. I now know that saving up money is essential to planning and providing for yourself in the future. I didn’t save and then had no other options available to me when I needed it the most. Give yourself the gift of financial stability in the future by saving now.

3.) Get out of debt!

It’s scary to think about especially in times like these, but becoming debt free will provide you with some financial freedom and should be an important part of your financial plan.

Have you set yourself up to handle the financial ups and downs of life? If not, it’s never too early or too late to start. “Invest in the future because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life.”

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My Erin Condren Personalized Spiral Notebook

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I was so excited about getting my new Erin Condren Personalized Spiral Notebook but when it actually got here, I was beyond excited. It was perfect!

erin condren personalized spiral notebook

Check out my video below as I show you all the bells and whistles of the Personalized Spiral Notebook along with the accessories I ordered. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a $25 Erin Condren Gift Card. Also, you can get $10 off your first order with Erin Condren when you sign up here. Enjoy!

This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid for this post, I just wanted so share a product that I love with my readers!

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It’s definitely NOT too late to label all that back to school gear for your kiddos.  Plus all their new Halloween products are available for a limited time only.

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September Goals

The kids here are back in school. My work schedule is pretty much fixed. I’ve gotten into the groove of things. And Fall is coming! Yes, Fall. Is. Coming!!! Fall is my favorite season, I’m so excited!

It’s been extremely hot here in Texas, but the rain has cooled us down some and I’m so ready for light jacket weather again. That and the thrill of the season… Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays for my two little brothers. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, camp fires and hot chocolate… bring it on! And don’t even get me started on football season… YES!!!

With summer ending and fall coming, I thought I would share some goals I have for this month with you. Blogging has been at the back of my mind while trying to get adjusted to my new job, but I’ve been dying to get back into it for a while now and here I am. How long I’ll stay? Who knows. Life likes to throw it’s curveballs at us.

september goals

1.) I want to read more.

I’ve been in this phase where I’ve been reading a lot more than usual. Last week I read 3 books and I want to continue that. It’s not only a great way for me to escape reality, but I’m also able to pull inspiration and ideas from the books and then implement them in my own life.

2.) I want to blog more.

I always say this one. When I started blogging, I was blogging everyday and now I blog like once every two months and that stings a little. Blogging is something that’s therapeutic for me and if I could blog more I could feel better. Wish me luck on this one.

3.) I want to be outdoors more.

Have I mentioned that Fall is coming? Because it is! And that means cooler temperatures. That means I have no excuse for not spending more time outside.

4.) I want to exercise more.

I need to find a groove that I can get into with this to continue on my weight loss journey. Baby steps!

5.) I want to visit my best friend.

I guess this is more a goal for October because that’s when I’m trying to make it happen… but my best friend is in Houston and I miss her. Like crazy! I’m hoping to make and save enough in September and next month to make a trip possible, even if it’s for the weekend. Shameless plug: I’m hosting a Thirty-One party specifically to make enough for this. There’s some awesome new products that just launched on September 1st. Place an order, I’ll be forever thankful!

That’s all for now, folks!

So, what are YOUR goals for this month?

Erin Condren’s New Personalized Spiral Notebooks {GIVEAWAY!}

Guys! Erin Condren just came out with her new Personalized Spiral Notebooks and I’M IN LOVE!!! Do I love her Life Planners? Yes! Do I love her notebooks? Yes! But I’m so excited about these new spiral notebooks because of their size! And then customizable dry erase section dividers? SWOON!

erin condren spiral notebooks

Erin Condren Spiral Notebooks

The Personalized Spiral Notebook was designed to help you note-take or list-make, but best of all…you can create your own custom dividers too (sold separately)! Create a new section for each subject and use the back side as a dry erase board for assignments and weekly to-dos. Take it to class or to committees, study groups or book clubs… this Personalized Notebook can go with you everywhere!


  • 150 colorful lined pages
  • 2 sided pocket folder
  • bound in zip lock pocket
  • an assortment of gift labels and bookplates
  • repositionable stickers

Add notepads, colorful markers, elastic bands, custom stickers and more to create the most YOUnique notebook that is perfect for YOU.

Customizable Dry Erase Section Dividers

erin condren spiral notebook - dividers

These seem like an awesome addition! This Jolly Jester design is so pretty… I’m in love with it! I like that you can use it to divide the notebook and use it for more than one thing. I’m ordering one that I could use for both of my blogs, this one and Fun For EP Kids… with a divider for both, of course. I’m so excited to get it!

Want to save a little when ordering your new spiral notebook? Simply click here to sign up for a account and they’ll email you a coupon code to get $10 off… Enjoy!

Make sure to check out this cute video that shows of the new Erin Condren Spiral Notebooks:

Guess what! To celebrate, I’m giving away a $25 Erin Condren gift card to one lucky reader!

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