Happies & Crappies // 02.06.14

I’m joining in on Happies and Crappies with Amber of Brunch with Amber and Stephanie of The Vintage Modern Wife for the first time… The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link UpHAPPIES

1.) Rent is on Netflix, y’all!!!

2.) I got the first shipment of birthday party boxes from The Confetti Foundation yesterday… eek! I’m so excited about being a Birthday Fairy.

3.) I’ve fallen in love with this Lemon Pepper Pasta and it seriously helps with my weight loss journey. It’s definitely a recipe I would’ve never tried otherwise and I’m so glad that I did try it… now if I could get my family to like it.

4.) I can’t get enough of my new puppy, Milo! He’s such a bundle of joy and I love watching him grow and become more interested in the house. The first few days he was really shy and now he’s all over the place and I love it! Now, if I could get Speedy to stop trying to attack him, things would be perfect.


1.) I’ve been feeling very uninspired and unmotivated this week and I need to shake it.

2.) My siblings all had strep this week and I’m so ready for them to go back to school tomorrow so I could disinfect the house… I’m so not up for catching it, especially after I dealt with being sick for 3 weeks after Christmas.

3.) It’s cold and I hate it… I want my Texas heat!

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