Happy Valentine’s Day

happy-valentines-dayYou’d think after my post about why Valentine’s Day is hard for me I wouldn’t say “happy” Valentine’s Day, but I was so overwhelmed by the response to my post that I sat for a while crying (happy tears, of course) and decided that I wasn’t going to let my feelings win. I promise to respond to every comment… I just have no words right now. The support I got was amazing and definitely touched my heart… so THANK YOU! Thank you so, so much!!!

My littlest brother is having a Valentine’s Day dance at his school today. I worked with a local business to get him a t-shirt that he could use more than once.

With us being a football family, we went with this:


It turned out so cute! Spring season for my little brother’s football team starts on March 3rd, so he can also wear it to his games. Yay!

We had gifts ready for his teachers but changed our mind last minute… so last night I scrambled together some supplies and made these:

valentine for teachers

On Wednesday, I hosted a Valentine’s Day playdate with some kiddos and we had lots of fun! It really helped get my mind off of all the negative I had running through my head the night before. We made “little monster” boxes, had some yummy pizza and “little monster” cupcakes, and the kiddos even exchanged valentines.

little monkey playdate

I guess in the end, Valentine’s Day isn’t as bad as I thought it was… I say that every year. 😉

And thank you, again, for all the support and love you all have showed me this week!

7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Cute gifts for the teachers and the cupcakes are adorable.

    I am glad the day turned out better than expected for you. It is just a day after all. Just because the card and flower industries try to tell you it is important that doesn’t mean it is so. Just because you don’t fit the media’s idea of “beauty” doesn’t mean you aren’t and it doesn’t mean that others don’t see your true beauty.
    Audrey recently posted..Candy Cane Hearts and Panettone Bread PuddingMy Profile

  2. I really like the T-shirt you got done for your brother Zachary, I bet he loved it! The cupcakes are so cute too with their boxes. Coping with the Big C – The Sits Comment Love Challenge

  3. This is why we need to be open and share what is really going on in our lives instead of just saying “I’m fine” when it’s not true. The world is full of kind, loving and supportive people, but we can’t rally all around each other unless we know. Glad your V-day turned out well.
    Brittany recently posted..Anxiously Waiting for All Good ThingsMy Profile

  4. I don’t know if it means anything to you Brittany but I remembered you and your page although I had been here only once. When I saw your name on the SITS comments love page in my group, I was excited to be visiting you. You are charming girl and a wonderful person… that’s what your words and your site says. Just don’t worry about fitting in and wanting to be like ‘them’. :)

    Oh btw, sorry for being so late here… three babies… need I say more? :)
    Aysh recently posted..14 Things Worth CelebratingMy Profile

  5. Valentine’s Day is hard. It’s so hyped up, like so many other things, for commercial reasons.

    And I just read your other post about why it’s hard. Listen. I see your photo. You are attractive. You have beautiful eyes that are very expressive. If you are Christian and are looking for someone else with similar interests, I’ve even seen Christian dating sites. I had a long wait before I met my husband- very few relationships and a lot of duds before I met him, but once we met? That was it. And he’s never been good at Valentine’s Day. I’ve never had a “good” V. Day.

    the monster cupcakes and stuff sound great!
    brett recently posted..What Every Camper Needs: All-Weather Sleeping BagMy Profile

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