Obsession Confession + It’s my SITS Day!

It’s my SITS day! If you’re visiting for the first time, I’m so excited you’re here… welcome!

SITS is a community of over 55,000 women and I’m honored to be a SITS Community Lead. I’ve been a SITS girl since I started blogging late 2009… I wasn’t blogging here at Simply Brittany, I was known as Not Your Average Teen and since then, I’ve gone through about 3 blogs. I don’t know if I would still be blogging if it weren’t for The SITS Girls.

These are a few pictures from Bloggy Boot Camp Austin in 2010:


Top: Tiffany, Jamie, Bethany | Bottom: Priscilla, LaQuishe “Q”, Laurie

It’s crazy to look back. SITS is a seriously amazing group of women and I’m glad you’re here!

I hope you’ll take a look around! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Obsession Confession

I’m definitely obsessed with a jumbled up mishmash of things right now!

1.) My nails have been mint candy apple for a couple of weeks now. My sister’s, too. We got the bottle for Christmas and soon we’ll need a new one.

2.) I’ve always been picky about pens, but my new favorite set is definitely Staedtler’s triplus fineliners. I have the 10 pack, but I hope to have all the shades, soon… mainly because the pack I have doesn’t have enough colors for me to color coordinate my life planner. Ha!

3.) I originally was hooked on Bath & Body Works because of the Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and then I fell in love with other scents and kind of forgot about this one. My little sister bought me my original favorite last week and I fell in love with it all over again.

4.) Red velvet cake is my favorite so I knew I was going to love DQ’s red velvet cake blizzard.

5.) I’m dying to invest in this expedit workstation from Ikea. It’s gorgeous!

6.) I picked up a tube of Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Too Cool because of the color and was surprised by how much it has helped my chapped lips. Can’t leave the house without it!

What are you currently obsessed with?


35 thoughts on “Obsession Confession + It’s my SITS Day!

  1. Hi Brittany – Happy SITS Day! I LOVE those pens. They are my favorite too. And my house is full of IKEA Expedit everything. I didn’t realize they had a desk and I am just starting to put together a work area. So excited. Some of my favorite things right now are my iPad keyboard which allows me to blog on the go, my keurig, and we just got a soda stream so we can make our own seltzer.
    Tara Newman recently posted..Hitting ResetMy Profile

  2. Hey girlie! Look at you all grown up! I remember commenting back on Not Your Average Teen and I’m glad you’ve stuck with the blogging gig. Like Miss Robin, I am obsessed with Zentangles. Come find me on Pinterest at Adrianscrazylif and I have a great board called Zentangles are the new black that shows you exactly how to do it. Would look great with your new colored pens. Good luck to you sweetie!
    Adrian recently posted..What to Pack for a Blog ConferenceMy Profile

  3. Congratulations on your SITS day! So happy for you. I must commend you on all your hard work. I was reading your blog over the weekend and was so impressed. Thanks again for introducing me to the EC life planner, which is my current obsession! :)

  4. Happy SITS Day! That’s amazing that you have been blogging since you were 17 and have a record of such life shaping years! I’m obsessed with my argan oil for my hair and face right now! I’m TRYING to get with the nail polish thing but I’m a mom of three and never seem to have the time to let my fingernails dry! lol! But I do like that mint color you have been sporting!
    Dija recently posted..Defending The CavemanMy Profile

  5. I love the EOS lip balm that’s shaped like a ball. I have one sitting on my nightstand and I slather it on when I get into bed. It’s melon flavored -mmm! My husband isn’t too enamored with the fragrance, but whatever. Nice to meet you Brittany – hope your SITS day is amazing!
    Dana recently posted..A good cryMy Profile

  6. This has to be an exciting day for you! Glad I stumbled upon your blog and I feel the same way when it comes to not blogging as often or sticking with it.

  7. Happy SITSday! What a cute blog you’ve got! Isn’t BloggyBootCamp the best? I love it, went to one in Chicago and hands down was the best blog conference I’ve been to. The vibe fits my personality. :) I am sooo going to check out those pens. I love pens and am always looking for the next best thing! :) I’m not in school anymore but getting school/office supplies make me happy. I know, I have issues, and these are just the beginning.
    ShesWrite recently posted..Braving the ice, wind and snow for the Portland Auto ShowMy Profile

  8. I remember your first SITS Day. Seriously it seems like just a couple of months ago. I am not sure if I would still be blogging if it wasn’t for SITS either. After Google changed their ranking system my stats dwindled so low if it wasn’t for Saturday Sharefest I probably would have quit. I am looking to network with more business bloggers this year too. Especially those that also like to read. Eventually I would like to transfer my blog to a self-hosted site, but feel I need the numbers to justify it.

    Hope you enjoy your 2nd SITS Day.
    Savvy Working Gal recently posted..The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men Book Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  9. I love that nail polish color, and am absolutely in LOVE with that Ikea Desk! I have the shelf unit like that, maybe I can turn mine into the desk :) It would be great for crafting/sewing!!! Thanks for sharing these! #SITSBlogging

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