Road Trips and Weight-Loss

The last few weeks have been exhausting for me! The weekend before last, I went on a road trip with some of my family to Big Spring and Weatherford. Then we ended up driving back to Big Spring this past weekend. I drove most of the way and let me tell you I am SICK of driving! We picked up my brother’s 1st truck…

and since we were hauling it home I drove behind making sure all was okay. I kept trying to push for 80 MPH, but it never lasted long. Following a truck on a trailer on I-10 is scary!

I’m so over road trips, but we’ll be heading back to Weatherford on Monday night to visit my grandfather. I get excited when I get there, it’s counting down the mile markers until we get there that just kills me!

So what has all these road trips done to my “diet?” Ruined it! Sitting for hours at a time, gas station food, fast food restaurants, no time for walking/running… bleh. And I felt it, because my body felt drained. After losing 15 pounds, I’ve been scared to step back on the scale because I’m afraid I’ve gained most of it back.

I’m still drinking lots of water, cutting down on portion sizes and trying to eat more home made meals, but it’s been hard. I’m also trying new foods, especially fruits and vegetables. I hope I’m able to change my lifestyle a little more as time passes. My little brother is back at football practices and since they’re at the park, I’m hoping to get in two miles of walking three days a week.

We’ll see.

I’m linking up with Amanda today because I’m ECSTATIC that’s she back to blogging!!!

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2 thoughts on “Road Trips and Weight-Loss

  1. Yay girl! So happy you linked up!!
    First of all: step on that scale–the worst that can happen is seeing that the number has gone up and you can work on getting it back down. As much as I hate the scale, I feel like it really does keep me in check — and even if I KNOW I had a bad week or two, I know that ultimately, I have two decisions I can make– to eat the way I’ve been eating and see that number continue going up, or revamping my eating and watch it go down. Put yourself in power– because it’s something you can control! I love you, girl, and know I’m always here for you!!!
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  2. You’re doing great. All the things you mentioned in the last paragraph are what you need to be doing. Yes, being on a road trip is hard but pretty soon you’ll bet back to regular things. Enjoy your trip and your grandpa!
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